Forestry – David Byrne’s "The Forest" Remixed

The Forest” is probably the best solo project by David Byrne, right after “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts”, with Brian Eno. Composed for Robert Wilson’s eponymous play, “The Forest” is inspired in the Gilgamesh and is a true masterpiece where Byrne goes operatic at times, a thrilling emotional and atmospheric record.

But I knew some tracks from that “soundtrack” had been remixed under the name “Forestry” and after a long search I managed to find it and here it is in my hands, courtesy of someone in Oregon. The record features three remixes from “Ava” and finishes with the fantastic album version from “Machu Pichu”. All tracks were remixed by Jack Dangers from Meat Beat Manifesto and are a great addition to the original record, with modern industrial tunes, thus bringing it closer to the action of this play which takes place during the industrial revolution rather then in early Babylonian times, when Gilgamesh story first appeared, a story older than the Bible. Some people claim they can find traces of some episodes in the Bible in Gilgamesh’s epos.

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