The Shoe Fetichist

Miguel Flor for Eureka – It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see these shoes by Miguel Flor on the Bloom catwalk in O’Porto. The day  after there I was in the shoe store Eureka in the city centre of O’Porto and I didn’t resist – I bought two pairs, one of them was this one pictured below and I will be back there.

All-time classics – red Doc Martens

Groovy high tops by Marc Jacobs
Eternal summer classic by the Portuguese fashion designer Alexandra Moura

Classic and elegant by Dries van Noten, one of my favourite fashion designers
 Should you knw where to find this specific pair of Doc, please let me know

They’re called Mental, come from Angolo, and they designing both clothes and shoes. They have shown their collection at the Lisbon Fashion Week in October and here you can see their classic models along with  some traditional Angolan footwear.
Good shoes with a cool design are increasingly hard to find. That is why I have come up with the idea of creating a list of my all time favourites, a list that will feature new shoes every now and then.

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