‘Upside Down’ – The Story of Creation Records

“Upside Down”, named after a song by the Jesus and Mary Chain is the most recent movie about a british record label. After seeing the wonderful story of yet another indie laberl, Rough Trade, music fans now have the possibility to discover the stories behing Creation. Headed by a true talentspotter, Alan McGee, this label was home to some of the most influential bands in british pop, from Primal Scream to House of Love, from My Bloody Valentine to Oasis. The movie features statements and stories about what seemed to be one of the most chaotic labels, a true nest of party animals, hedonists and substance lovers. But amidst the chaos, some of the best records were produced here. Just listen to the first record by Jesus and Mary Chain, the mindblowing records by the Primal Scream of the superb compilation “Keepinh the Faith – A Creatiom Dance Compilation”.

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