Music of Quality and Distinction in London


The British Electric Foundation was one of the biggest achievements by the boys from Heaven 17, a band formed when The Human League split and began making easy pop songs that would become major hits. Heaven 17 in turn went for a more electronic and danceable sound, using sinthesizers and following a path started by the Sheffield punks. Penthouse and Pavement is their best record so far. But the rise to success would come with The Luxury Gap, the album featuring the mega hit Temptation.
30 years after Martin Ware and Glenn Gregory have decided to play The Luxury Gap in 3D sound at The Rounhouse in London on October 14. More than a revival it was the living proof that the Heaven 17 songs are still here to stay.
But for those who were not up for grabs and wanted the full cake Heaven 17 would provide another occasion to show one of their biggest achievements – the cretation of the British Electric Foundation. Under the name Music of Quality and Distinction they released major songs from soul to white funk by the likes of Billie McKenzie, Green Garthside or…. Tina Turner. The BEF played indeed a major role in relaunching Tina Turner’s career back in 1981.
Three decades after we had the opportunity to see some iconic singers play live songs under the same moto of Music of Quality and Distinction. Boy George surprised us with a cool version of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots are Made for Walking, while Midge Ure sang Billie McKenzies version of Bowie’s The Secret Life of Arabia. Kim Wilde, Sandy Shaw and Green Garhside took also to the stage in a great night that ended with nearly all the guests on stage singing Temptation.


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