Spanish footwear that rocks

You probably don’t know but most of the footwear you see in the major rock events, both on stage and in the audience, comes for the Spanish brand New Rock which has been around since 1978. Trendenz came across this brand in one of the editions of The Brandery in Barcelona and had the opportunity to see the vast selection of footwear that delights rocks, punks and goths alike all over the world. The demand is so big that they now have exclusice stores and corners from Las Vegas to Madrid, Moscow and Santiafo de Chile, Sydeny or Vienna.
Besides their design catering for a whole generaltion of indie, alternative, punk and hard rock bands they are proud to use the latest technology and good manufacturing from comfort plus systems to 360º stitching or multipoint shock absorption.
Remember Angelina playing Lara Croft. Well, the boots she was wearing are from new rock.

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