"Movement" by New Order – 30th Anniversary

November 2011 marked the 30th anniversary of “Movement” the first album by New Order, the band that was born after the death of Ian Curtis and the split of Joy Division. Here we can still spot the influences of Joy Division. Listening to this track “Denial” one can sense undeniably melodies that bring us back to Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”, like a dance version of that track.
With this record, New Order steered in a new direction and became a more dance oriented which would become more apparent after the release of “Blue Monday”, the record Daft Punk would have loved to make. And this transition into a dance band has never been peaceful among the fans. Some claim they should have stick to this sound and it was closer to the essence, the inheritance of Joy Division. Others claim they were right to part ways.
Anyway, “Movement” will remain as the best record by New Order for us. A record that brings us back to Joy Division but which does not fail to point to new directions.

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