Simple Minds 5 x 5 Live

Lisbon was the first European city to receive a fabulous concert by the Simple Minds tonight, three hours ago. This 5×5 tour focuses on their first 5 albums, the best in this band’s career. Forget the FM Rock and catchy tunes. Jim Kerr and his mates covered their most iconic albums from “Life in a Day” to “New Gold Dream” and made no concessions, thank God. “Promised you a miracle”, “the American”, “I travel” and “Factory” were some of the great tunes in this concert and “Love Song” and “Someone Somewhere in Summertime” were the best moments for the Lisbon audience. A concert that managed indeed to bring back the fans who had given up on this band when they decided to make music for the masses. But there is hope again for this band. And a word of advise – do not expect to listen to cheesy tunes such as “Don’t you forget about me” as they did not play them in Lisbon and chances are that they will not play them in the coming gigs on this tour either.

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