The return of Simple Minds

Simple Minds, one of the most iconic bands from the eighties are back on the road for a number of concerts from Portugal to Ireland, through to Norway, Denmark, Germany or Italy. But this is not a simple return as the band promises to play 5 songs from each of their first albums. That is a smart move and a good way to bring back old fans who have deserted the band after the album “Sparkle in the Rain”, from 1984. This tour sounds like a reconciliation and an great opportunity to listen to great themes such as “The American”, “Love Song”, “I Travel” Someone somewhere in summertime” or “Up on the catwalk”. As far as Trendenz is concerned they should focus on their 5 landmark albums alone, play all the songs from “New Gold Dream” and “Empires and Dance” and leave the songs they have launched after 1985 for the masses, for the open air concerts. After all hardocre Simple Minds’ fans will be there to listen to a band which was at some point one of the best in their lot, together with Echo and The Bunnymen, The Cure, Psichedelic Furs or Siouxsie and The Banshees, just to name a few.

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