Groovy shoes at Eureka

Eureka is one of the most interesting shoe stores at the moment in Portugal. You can find them in the main commercial districts of Lisbon, Oporto and in major towns in the country. Owned by shoemakers Alberto Sousa Lds, this company opened its fist store in 2009 and is increasingly appealing to a clientelle looking for more fashionable shoes. Besides the quality and good taste of its designs, price is also a positive factor, with an average pair of shoes costing between 80 and 100 euros. In two years alone Eureka became an household name and in 2011 received the award for “Best Shoe Store in Portugal” at the Fashion TV “Fashion Awards”, an event where professional in the world of fashion, business of fashion and journalism elect every year the best brands and designers in Portugal. 

One of the reasons for the success of this brand lies also in the collaboration with Portuguese fashion designers. Punctured dress shoes, great looking pumps, and orange, yellow or blue suede shoes, all designed by Miguel Flor, were fine examples of this work with designers. Nuno Gama is a renowned menswear fashion designer whose designs you can find here, a full line comprising sneakers, boots and shoes with his distingushing touch. The new addition to this joint work is Ricardo Andrez one of the most interesting new fashion designers whose collection is now available at Eureka. This designer has been able to convey in his shoe designs some of the elaborate and groovy touch  of his clothing line.

Aside from these collections created  by Portuguese fashion designers you can find also a whole range of designs created inhouse by Alberto Sousa Lda. This company is also present in the major international shoe trade fairs under this company name, hence keep an eye at this company name. Should you be or fly to Lisbon visiti the Eureka store at Rua Nova do Almada in the Chiado area where these photos were taken.

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