New approaches to Fado

Fado, the Portuguese melancholic music genre has been recently considered by UNESCO as “Immaterial Heritage of Mankind”. So far so good, nice one and congratulations. Indeed, from Goddess Amália Rodrigues to Camané and Carminho there are numerous examples of songs, also known as fados, who are there to make you heart melt, to make you faint with sorrow, to make even the hardest cobble stone weep.
But now and then we need to reinvent ourselves and avoid excessive traditionalism. Fortunately some artists, from Paulo Bragança, to Mísia or Anamar, have been able to give Fado a more contemporary touch. This track is a fine example: Fado played with sinthesizers with the help of the talented Carlos Maria Trindade and the great voice by  Paulo Bragança.

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