Pop dell’Arte

Greetings from Lisbon. We provide the perfect soundtrack to this city by one of the most influential Portuguese bands. Formed in the early 80’s Pop Dell’arte are still rocking and releasing great records every now and then, as it is the case of this one. The current formation features João Peste on Vocals and Zé Pedro Moura o Bass, Pauo Monteiro on guitars and programming, Nuno Castelo on drums and Eduado Vinhas on synths. Two of its members are currently two of the best DJs in town. Singer João Peste can be seen deejayng at club Roterdão, in the now gentrified red light district, where clubbers and old whores mingle in perfect harmony. Zé Pedro Moura is one the resident DJs at Lux, one of the best clubs in Europe. Trendenz is particularly fond of the work of this band and of both DJ’s work.
Check their discography at: http://popdellarte.posterous.com/?tag=ritualtransdisco.

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