Sétima Legião on Tour in 2012

They were one of the greatest Portuguese bands than sprang out of the new punk movement in Portugal. Influenced by the likes of Joy Division, they combined the typical sounds of the early 80’s industrial melancholy with Portuguese influences and delivered the best sountrack to Lisbon and the country. Their first album “A um deus desconhecido” is a masterpiece to file right next to Joy Division’s “Closer” or The Cure’s “Seventeen Seconds” and “Faith”. By the end of the eighties they achieved a huge success in the country and filled concert halls with crowds of Portuguese who had been regaining their pride in Portuguese music thanks to the work by Sétima Legião, Heróis do Mar, Rádio Macau, GNR and Pop Dell’Arte, among others.
The band never really split as they continued to rehearse together. In 1999 they released “Sexto Sentido”, another masterpiece where electronic, samples and traditional music were perfectlt combined. During the 90’s and in the first decade of 2000 the band did perform in occasional concerts. In the last tweenty years some of their members pursued their own careers, playing now and then together in each others’ own projects. Paulo Abelho formed Golpe de Estado and later joined Sétima Legião’s singer Pedro Oliveira in the band Cindy Kat. But the most sucessful has been so far Rodrigo Leão who, after leaving the iconic band Madredeus, followed a solo career that has taken him to all parts of the world.
The heritage of Sétima Legião is there and everywhere and  2012 will mark the return of the band which will tour the country. After playing in Oporto, today, May the 4th will mark the return to the grand stage of Coliseu in Lisbon, the very same city which inspired. Setima Lisboa is for many and for Trendenz the sound of Lisbon and hence this is gig one should not miss. Stay tuned for more information on venues and dates as the band promises to play many gigs throughout the year.

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