The Women On The 6th Floor – Love, Humor and Respect

By now thousands of migrants are crossing the French borders heading home for the Summer holidays. They left the villages of Spain and Portugal during the tough years of the fascist Iberian regimes and they still take to France, Germany, Switzerland to find a better job and escape the difficulties that still affect these two countries’ hinterland.
Depicting the lives of the Spanish cleaning ladies and maids in Paris, “The Women of the 6th Floor” is a beautiful movie that does not fail to show the difficulties of the migrants in a big city but does it with humor.
Starring the acclaimed Spanish actress Carmen Maura (who won a Cesar award in France as actress in supporting role in this movie), Natalia Verbeke and Fabrice Luchini the film revolves around the lives of these funny maids and the love story between a boss and his maid. But it is above all a story of respect for the maids and concierges of Paris. Not to miss!!

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