Fashion Night Out Lisbon is almost there and Trendenz has a great suggestion for you to start this special night in style. Take to Spazio Dual at Avenida da República for a nice get together and a cocktail and use the opportunity to know the groovy special series Lancia Fashion, a car with beautiful inner seats in beige color, parking sensors, steering wheel in leather and a car key with Swarowski elements. These are just some of the features of this special model. As for the remaining features it is up for you to discover in this Lancia Outlet, a place where you can buy the car of your dreams, have a great lunch and see the work by the resident artists who have their own ateliers at this very same Spazio Dual and whose works are regularly displayed here from the sculptures and jewellery by Valentim Quaresmas to clothes by Os Burgueses and photographs by Ricardo Quaresma, just to name a few. Do come by and you will receive a special offer, which we are obviously not going to tell you what it is and let yourself be driven in a Lancia shuttle downtown where the great action takes place during Fashion Night Out Lisbon.

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