Bowie Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

Victoria & Albert Museum in London will be the stage of a comprehensive exhibition on David Bowie and his collaboration with artists and designers from the fields of fashion, photography, theatre, film and all kinds of art form. According to this museum “The V&A was granted unprecedented access to David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective on the extraordinary career of David Bowie”.

The aim of this exhibition is to explore “the creative process of Bowie as a musical innovator and cultural icon”, V&A added. Considering the chameleonic path of David Bowie, the whole museum will be small to do a comprehensive exhibition, hence the selection process must have been surely difficult.

Visitors will have the possibility to see hundreds of objects from suits to album sleeves, film excerpts and videos, lyrics, sketches and everything pointing out to the evolution of the man, the Artist with capital A, given his curiosity towards different forms of art. The man has worked in close collaboration with major artists. He learned mimic with Lindsay Kemp, was one of the first adopters of Kansai Yamamoto outfits, launched four albums with Brian Eno, considered one of the best producers in the world, ventured in a superb interpretation of Elephant Man, played alien on The Man Who Fell To Earth by Nicolas Roeg, created characters to match his music and the music to match his characters, e.g. Ziggy Stardust or Nathan Adler and was an early adopter of electronica. We could go on forever, so big is his body of work.

This exhibition under the name “David Bowie is” will be at the Victoria and Albert Museum between March 23 and July 28 and we reckon one day will not be enough to see this exhibition sponsored by Gucci and Sehneiser. If you do not live in London you’d better book at least a three-day stay.


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