Portuguese fashion takes to Brazil

Portuguese fashion designers Miguel Vieira and Luis Buchinho took to Brazil on December 6 to show their summer collections in São Paulo. Sentir Portugal (Feel Portugal) was the name of this event which is there to bring new products, concepts and projects closer to the Brazilian public. São Paulo is probably the best place to show the new creative vitality of Portugal in Brazil, a country with 150 consumers.
Miguel Vieira presented its collection “Perfume”, inspired in “exotic cultures an idyllic landscapes” in garments with predominantly snow white, black caviar and Sahara sand colours, along with the lime green and orange, a collection he defines as “reinvented classic”.
This Portuguese designer is one of the designers in the country with more export experience, particularly as regards his shoe collection. We cand find his shoes and accessories collectins in the most important trade fairs in Europe. In recent years, he has been betting strongly on the addition of his clothing line to his range on offer in international markets and trade fairs, particularly with the addition of a new clothing range for kids, launched last year at the Portugal Fashion shows in Oporto.

Luis Buchinho showed a collection inspired on the modern language of architecture, with pure geometric forms and contrasting graphic effects, anatomic cuts and micropleats, in predominantly metallic and copper tones.

Buchinho was recently appointed Best Portuguese fashion designer at the Fashion Awards, a feat which he repeated after having won this award in 2010 in this very same event. In 2011 he did receive also a Golden Globe in Portugal for best fashion designer. He recently opened a second store in Oporto and has been a regular presence in the Parisian Fashion Week. Bread and Butter Who’s Next and Gallery 2020 are some of the events where we had the opportunity to see his range of clothing.

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