Benetton launches new campaign focused on color

United Colors of Benetton launched today a new advertising campaign focusing on color using models from different places and geographies from Tunisia to France, through to California, England, Sudan, Germany, Uruguay and Brazil. The brand focused again on the potential of color, the very same feature that helped this brand gain notoriety in the early days.

The use of color is there, according to Alessandro Benetton, to reinforce the identity and excellence of a brand which considers diversity a true value. This campaign was developed under creative direction of Fabrica, in collaboration with Macs Iotti and these colorful images can soon be seen on the press, on billboards, in the stores and on Benetton Internet sites.
This return to color comes after the strategy of digging deep in the company’s heritage to re-launch some iconic patterns and items of Benetton, something some consumers had been asking for and which fits perfectly the new vintage trend witnessed in recent years all over the world.
Benetton seems indeed to be on right path as far as creativity is concerned, something which became clearer when You Nguyen took the creative helm of the company and focused on producing and selling more fashionable items along with the basic line. The results are there and Benetton shop windows never looked so fashionable as in recent years.


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