Rodrigo Leão, Neil Hannon and Beth Gibbons in concert

Rodrigo Leão, one of the most prominent Portuguese musicians with a sound international career, has just launched “Songs”, a record featuring all his songs in English and recorded with the collaboration on vocals of interatinal stars such as Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, Portishead’s Beth Gibbons and Scott Mathew. To mark the occasion, Rodrigo Leão invited these three musicians and other guests to take to the stage with him and his band in Lisbon and Oporto of which we give you one video with the king of coll Neil Hannon.
This founding member of the iconic Portuguese band Sétima Legião would later be also one of the founding members of Madredeus, having embarked on a solo careers and released a dozen of remarkable records mixing electronica with classical music influences and tones and tunes from different parts of the world, e.g. Brazil or Argentina.
Aside from the collaboration with the three aforementioned artists, Rodrigo Leão worked together with Ryuchi Sakamoto, in “Cinema”, an album considered by the magazine Billboards as one of the best of 2004.
Listen to “Songs” to listen to “Cathy” with Neil Hannon and other songs in this album and check his bio and work at to have a clearer picture of the work by this composer.

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