Visage to release new album in 2013

“Fade to grey” was one of the most iconic songs back in the 80s recorded by Visage, a band fronted by Steve Strange and which help providing the soundtrack for the New Romantic or Blitz movement which marked the London nightlife 30 years ago in clubs like the Blitz, the Fridge or Camden Palace. “Mind of a toy”, “The damned don’t cry”, “Malpaso man” or “Whispers” were some of the songs recorded by the band and which were meant to stay.
But the world hasn’t heard from him for years, aside from some occasional parties he attended and/organised in England, particularly in London, marking a shy return of the new romantics to life, particularly in the last two years. These parties were there to bring back somehow the spirit of the Blitz, a club inspired by electronic music and David Bowie looks .
But Visage promised to come back in 2013. The band has just announced a new line up comprising Steve Strange, Steve Barnacle, Robin Simon (ex Ultravox) and Lauren Duval and a new album to be released in the Spring. Hence, and considering the role of Steve Strange as a true master of ceremony and the relevance of some of his songs and taking into account the attendance and acceptance of live acts by Heaven 17 and BEF, Human League or ABC, the music that marked a whole generation may be here to stay and make a comeback, with new music variations and not sheer revival, we hope.

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