Fly London awarded best Fashion Footwear Brand

Fly London was awarded Fashion Footwear Brand of the Year last week in Birmingham. This prize is an acknowledgement for the remarkable commercial performance of this brand with shops in London Convent Garden and in St. Christopher’s Place right by Oxford Street and Selfridges.

The award is here to reinforce the brand’s positioning in the British market, a country where you can find it in 400 retailers. Fly London thus pursue its relentless path after having managed to become an household names and established a foothold in the word of shoes and fashion. 
You see the brand’s shoes in the streets of Lisbon and London, on stage worn by Björk and in some of the best adverstising campaigns ever. Yet you probably didn’t know that this is Portuguese brand, with headquarters in the north of Portugal and a flagship store in the iconic and affluent Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon.

Fly London is in the forefront of Portuguese exports with stands in the major trade fairs in the world. Aside from shoes, the brand began two years ago designing an apparel collectiom which you can find in selected shops. Fly London is also a tender tale of preserverance, hard work and vision by its founder, Mr. Fortunato Frederico, a man who began as a simple worker in a shoe factory and has made it and turned Fly London in a true global player in the international shoe market. 

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