Peter Hook shines his light on Joy Division and New Order’s legacy

peter hook

Peter Hook, the man who played the distinguishing bass at both Joy Division and New Order, has just announced new tour dates for the United States of America in September. This tour is the continuation of a relentless work bringing back the sounds of these two iconic Manchester bands and which has taken him and his band to the major cities in the world since 2011.

After having focused on Joy Division’s  “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” albums, Hook has been covering New Order’s repertoire in recent months, particularly “Movement” and “Power Corruption and Lies”, the two albums recorded after the death of Ian Curtis,  who died 33 years ago on May 18, and which would mark the end of Joy Division.

Hook is committed in maintaining the legacy of this particular Manchester sound. Under Peter Hook and the Light he has indeed managed to merge the two band’s sounds and kept that new punk atmosphere even in some of New Order more poppy songs.

For those who had the opportunity to attend these concerts and as appetizer for coming gigs you can now buy and download full concerts by the band at and confirm the power, rendition and vibes of the man who continues to shine his light on the sound of Joy Division and New Order, probably the most influential bands in modern music.


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