Pois Selection stages first pop up store featuring Portuguese products with a twist

santo antonio boa

Pois Selection a new business venture focusing on Portuguese arts and crafts will be hosting this weekend the first of many pop up stores which will be there to bring traditional Portuguese products to a foreign and Portuguese clientele. After Lisbon, the Algarve, Oporto, Cologne and Belgrade will be some of the locations selected by this company to disseminate and sell their carefully selected Portuguese traditional products.

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Real Slow Concept Store, a very interesting shop featuring a wide range of different and products and brands will become this weekend the preferred destination for the large expat community in Lisbon, tourists and people interested in high quality Portuguese products. This store was the location chosen by Pois Selection to stage their first pop up store. “We are thrilled to team up with Real to present our first Summer Pop Up”, Pois Selection’s Co-founder Caroline Filou Heukamp said. “It is important for us to cater not only for tourists but to remind the Portuguese consumers of the beauty and story of their local products. In the stunning environment of the shops around Praça do Principe Real we feel we have found the perfect place for our summer sale.”


As of now and until Saturday night, you will have the possibility to buy here a fair deal of iconic products from  colourful artistic Bordallo Pinheiro with vegetable and animal shapes and motives, aromatic fleur de sel, natural beauty products from Confiança and a wide variety of lovely souvenirs such as Santo Antonio figurines, colouring books, notebooks, handmade clutches and scarves from Viana do Castelo or traditional straw-woven baskets with quilted textile applications. This are just some of the products on offer, carefully selected by Anne-Marie Bonnammy and Caroline Filou Heukamp, two French girls living in Portugal and who fell in love with the country’s traditional products.


This fairly international event relies also on the collaboration of Italian Motor Village. This company teamed up with Pois Selection and staged also the parallel event Real Chic Friday and Real Chic Saturday, thus granting Pois Selection guests and visitors the possibility to do a test drive in one of its fashionable Fiat 500.


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