Shop til you drop at Av. Guerra Junqueiro

Av. Guerra Junqueiro is one of the most beautiful shopping streets in Lisbon. Located in the modern part of town, with the beautiful Alameda park in the south and the large square Praça de Londres in the north it is still the selected location for many shoppers. Sided by trees and with large sidewalks it is the ideal boulevard where you can shop in a relaxed atmosphere. And the amenities and the excellent transport network make this a privileged location in an affluent part of town.

guerra junqueiro

But the rise of a strange form of consumerism has taken some people away, to the closed atmosphere of shopping malls, a stange habit in a country known for its mild climate. In order to revive the place, to welcome the usual customers and to attract a new clientele shops from Benetton to Stefanel, through to Cortefiel, Springfield, Perfumes & Companhia or Marionnaud, among others, decided to join efforts and to stage an Open Night and to open their shops until midnight. Take this opportunity to linger in this avenue and in Praça de Londres and help bringing back the allure to a shopping district which has much more to offer and with the potential to become again one of Lisbon’s major shopping hotspots. Use the opportunitt to shop till you drop and to finish this shopping excursion at Cafe Mexicana, one of the most iconic cafés in Lisbon.

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