The most beautiful band from Brazil

 O MAIS FELIZ DA VIDA - Credito Rosano mauro Jr

 “The heart is not as simple as you think, you can store nearly everything you want in it” is the general idea behind the most popular song by A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade. “Oração” is this band’s first and most popular masterpiece, accompanied by an stunning video depicting the band members playing and singing in the different rooms of a two-store house and ending, a videoclip with superb grand finale. The song and the short movie became one of the biggest successes in 2012/2013, particularly in the online world, having reached 12 million views on Youtube so far. But “Oração” was only the beginning, the seed, and would be quickly followed by a bunch of songs of love and despair, of which we would highlight the emotional “Nunca” or “Solitária”, a sharp as a knife song of love and hope. These three songs rank among the best ever by this band from the southern Brazilian state of Curitiba, whose formula to reinterpret mainly songs from this state’s independent repertoire proved highly successful and granted them international recognition.

Hundreds of concerts in Brazil and abroad they are now back with their second album, under the name “O Mais Feliz da Vida”. Produced by Chico Neves, who produced records for big Brazilian names like Lenine, Os Paralamas do Sucesso or O Rappa, the new album comes up as something more mature and starts with a grand opening, reminiscent once again to Arcade Fire. Its a true  prelude to a bunch of songs on all the matters of the heart, be it love or simple affection. The lyrics are poignant and emotional as usual and the instrumental mastery is there once again, something they have been able to prove in their live shows. We dare say that, should they have recorded in English they would have probably reached dizzier and stellar heights, considering that, as regards the musical influences, A Banda Mais Bonita Da Cidade have achieved an intelligent mix between traditional Brazilian sounds and international indie soundscapes. But they have made it nonetheless to the international scene, having become ambassadors of their own of the myriad of Brazilain sounds. Should you wish to listen to their new work “O Mais Feliz da Vida” an album covering all stages and walks of life, “joy, hazards, failures, victories and the end of life, an true ode to the small impossibilities of normal life”, download it for free at Listen to it and you will figure out why so many people call it already The Most  Beautiful Band From Brazil.


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