G-Star: denim under a new angle


Nonchalance, Retrospective and Trason are the key words for the new Spring Summer collection by G-Star, a brand celebrating 25 years in 2014 and a true trendsetter in the denim jeans sector.

When cowboys began using denim pants, launched by a Jewish entrepreneur who had seen the potential of canvas material used to cover the caravans crossing the wide planes of North America, they were far from guessing how big this kind of jeans and jackets would become decades and decades on. Initially confined to that new country in the making, denim jeans would cross the oceans leading to the creation of major jeans companies in improbable countries such as Italy, Japan or Portugal. Holland, a country was also one of these countries, home to the creation of one of these companies that has managed to establish a foothold in this sector, conquering markets and fashionistas, its products taking to the streets and to fashion shows.


Created in 1989 by Jos Van Tilburg in Amsterdam, G-Star began using this material but, instead of following the designs and the image of those men from the big outdoors, focused rather on the garments used by the military, coming up with new pockets and designs. This would be the starting point for a brand that was there to reshape this market in large scale, a brand on the lookout for new inspiration in vintage army garments but also on the lookout for new materials and techniques. 1996 would become a star year for the brand, thanks to the launch of G-Star Raw, a type of raw jeans reaching the shops untreated and straight from the factory and its 3 D Denim line, a cut with supports the movements in five directions, this providing extra volume in the knee bends, calves, seat and back pockets and which would be applied to both jeans and jackets. The nineties and the new century saw the continuation of the development of new G-Star models and pant shapes, from low crotch to large back pants, a myriad of new pocket designs, along with the launch of a comprehensive line of shirts, jackets or shoes. Now available in the whole world and showing its collections on New York Fashion Week, G-Star is here to tell a successful story and 2014 a good opportunity for a retrospective on this brand’s legacy.


The coming year is ripe for surprises as regards the brand’s collections. For SS14. Type C is probably the major hit with its tapered fit and elongated rear pockets, along with dynamic colour interplay, particular in the women’s models. “Our nonchalant denim fits are inspired by men’s pantaloons and worker pants, but we redesigned and reconstructed them into attractive denims that enhance the feminine shape. To develop the perfect nonchalant denim fit, every pattern combines traditional tailoring and modern moulage techniques”, says Rebekka Bach, head womenswear designer for G-Star RAW. Trason, an elegantly detailed collection in rich shades of blue is also another highlight for women. The coming year will be ripe with new models for men and women from Retrospective, which is there to celebrate the 25th anniversary, a premium denim range re-introducing innovative denims from the past, albeit updated for today; to Lumber pants, inspired in miner’s pants; or Faeroes, inspired in carpenter pants, just to name a few models among the many that will be available in the more than six thousand G-Star points of sale in 80 countries.


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