The Custo journey from colour to texture


Custo Barcelona took to New York Fashion Week once again for the presentation of its next Autumn/Winter collection.

 Custo, the brand that has brought visual combinations to a new level by mixing a myriad of colours, a label which is a true household name, particularly in Barcelona, the city of the small glazed Gaudi tiles, showed its coming Winter collection this weekend in New York under a new motto and a seemingly new approach. For next Autumn/Winter, Custo Dalmau and his team bet on sophistication and refinement, particularly through the use and combination of a myriad of patterns in detriment of bright colour combinations.


New York is a privileged destination for this brand and New York Fashion Week the place to show its collections to the world. Texture combinations are now in the order of the day, a path the brand started three years ago when in this very same American city the brand showed a collection pretty much focused on textures rather than on colour. Colour has played an important role in affirming the brand, ever since the Custo brothers created the brand in the 80’s, inspired by what they had seen in a number of trips abroad and on the bright colours worn by Californian surfers. With a reputation of its own and a history of more than 30 years, textures now seem to play a bigger role than bright colour prints.


Prints are still there but they now appear with a new dimension on fabrics like tartan or fur, offering new and daring combinations for men and women. Custo Dalmau, who began his career as graphic designer, plays once again with graphic motives applied to silk chiffon lame, providing a metallic shine to parts or whole garments. With these new proposals shown in New York this Catalan brand aims at cranking down the sound, a move that may help the brand conquer new markets and a new clientele that may give up on bright colours but does not wish to succumb to discretion.


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