Lisbon Fashion Week hosts pop up store

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Wonder Room is the clever name for the pop up store hosted by Lisbon Fashion Week in order to give professionals attending the shows and the general public the possibility to purchase good quality Portuguese design.

Lisbon Fashion Week kicks off in a few hours and for three days we get to see some of the Portuguese designer mode by 16 designers and a handful of new designers who were given the opportunity to show their work here. The shows are obviously the highlight of yet another edition, this time under the motto Vision. In-between shows, stands, selfies, hashtags, freebies and free drinks will be in the order of the day. But should you wish to engage in something far more productive in-between shows we advise you visit Wonder Room, a pop up store designed for savvy consumers.

andrezLocated in the Archive Room, the third edition of this pop up store, features a clever display of brands offering some of the best products made in Portugal from rugs to shoes, scents and spectacles, shirts accessories, along with some of the looks you will see on the catwalk by Sangue Novo, the aforementioned young designers. Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is one our recommended picks. This brand that has brought men’s grooming and shaving to another level will be there to show and sell his range of products from soaps to shaving cream, after shaves, eau de cologne, shaving bowls and shaving knifes, along with the new star product we will get to see there for the first time – a new line of soaps for the perfect shower. Ricardo Andez, already a regular at Lisbon Fashion Week and one of the best designers in the country is bringing some of his best looks and items to the Wonder Room and chances are that you will not resist getting out one of his items. Trendenz will be looking after that stunning blue stripped jacket and promises a hard fight should you try to get it first.


Shoes are pretty well represented at this Pop Up store with Eureka, Dkode and Green Boots. As for the first, this shoe brand has become the place to go in the country for those looking for fashionable shoes, thanks to its modern designs and collaboration with fashion designers. As for Dkode, this company with a good record as far exports are concerned will show its range and hopefully the result of the collaboration with Aleksander Protic, a designer based in Portugal and whose show is scheduled for Sunday. Finally, we have Green Boots, a vibrant brand with a strong a smart colour palette and for whom star artist Joana Vasconcelos has designed a pair of boots. Leather and bag accessories by Sul, Spectacles and shades by André Ópticas, limited edition rugs, the gorgeous and naïve lovers’ handkerchiefs from Namorar Portugal and lifestyle accessories are some of the additional reasons to visit Wonder Room, open to the public from 3 P:M to 9 P.M: from  Friday to Sunday and for the duration of Lisbon Fashion Week.

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