Underworld’s iconic album celebrates 20 years

“Dubnobasswithmyheadman”, the third album by Underworld and for many the best and the first of the band as we know it, celebrates 20 years.

Released in 1993 it is a true soundtrack to the dance age of the nineties, featuring hypnotic tracks like “Cowgirl”, the übergroovy “Dark and Long” and “M.E”, a true hymn of celebration. In order to mark the occasion the band fronted by Rick Smith will release a Super Deluxe 5-CD Box Set with a book containing memorabilia and newly created artwork by the design collective Tomato. After digging deep in the band’s archives Underworld’s frontman. who’s been been also busy working together with Brian Eno, uncovered  Rick uncovered lots of previously unreleased material and alternate mixes, providing new angles to this album.  Come October 11 Underworld will be playing this album in full at  London’s Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 11th October 2014. Tickets cost £35/£30 and will be on sale after July 4. 

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