Asia’s new premium brand and fashion platform


The Hub is Hong-Kong’s new trade fair focused on niche and premium fashion brands from all over the world. After two successful editions this two-day event, scheduled for August 27 and 28, moves to a new venue in Lai Chi Kok and extends its focus to new emerging Asian designers.

2013 marked the beginning of a new trade fair in the heart of one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Under the name The Hub, this trade fair was there to bring mostly European and North-American brands closer to a booming and eager Asian market. Hong Kong was the city selected to host such an event. Peter Caplowe and Richard Hobbs, two British entrepreneurs experienced in working with and running international fashion brands are the founders of this trade show. After a fresh start, the second edition, hosted August last year, established its success with most of its 110 exhibitors reporting increased sales. “There is even the case of a British label that was able to announce a 300 store deal with a China partner”, sources from the organisation said.


The third edition, scheduled for August 27 and 28 is just around the corner, this time in a new location at D2 Place in Lai Chi Kok. 150 will exhibit their collections at the Hub this summer, particularly denim labels, heritage brands and high fashion wanting to benefit from Asiaʼs rising wave of multi-brand retail stores, traditional distributors and mono-brand store operators. Portuguese shoe brand Dkode is one of the companies that have chosen the Hub “essentially given the plethora of brands that have exhibit there in the two previous editions and the type of players looking for these brands”, a spokesperson from this company told Trendenz. “Dkode’s strategy is to enter stable markets with a clear growth potential as it is the case of the Asian market” the company said further adding that “The Hub’s main objective is not the mass market, something which does help Dkode’s positioning”.


Fashion design, particularly by emerging names is the new focus of this 3rd edition featuring The Greenhouse, a dedicated space and a platform for new designers. “Over the years Peter and I have witnessed the development of some great Chinese designers as well as others from around the region”, co-founder Richard Hobbs said, adding that “it was a natural move to support them as best we can, and dedicate a space to these labels so that top retail executives, buyers and shop owners would have a chance to connect with them”. With such a variety of brands and designers, The Hub does appear to be here to stay for long, establishing itself as one of the best platforms to interconnect Asia with the rest of the world giving greater visibility and opportunities to both Asian and world brands and designers in this Premium Brand and Designer Fashion Trade Event.

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