Bread & Butter returns to Barcelona

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One of the hypest trade fairs in the world returns to Barcelona for the winter edition on January 2015. The announcement was made by Karl Heinz Müller at the opening of the current edition in Berlin.

After six years of absence Bread & Butter will return to the city of Barcelona from 8 to January 10 2015. The winter edition focused on summer collections will take place at the grounds of Fira Barcelona where the previous editions were held from 2005 to 2009. The announcement was made by Karl Heinz Müller at the opening of this event being held this week at the Berlin’s Tempelhof airport. Hence, as of next year Bred & Butter will be held in both cities. According to the organisation “Barcelona and Berlin are resident cities of Bread & Butter, and perfect cities for a street lifestyle and culture”, further adding that this event remains true to its motto “always the sun” and therefore will be hosted in its two favourite cities.


Karl Heinz Müller used the opportunity to announce this trade fair’s expansion to Asia at the beginning of September 2015. Seoul will be the selected location for this operation in another continent and comes after an agreement signed between this organisation and the Mayor of the South Korean capital Won Soon Park on May 2nd. Brands interested in joining this adventure on Asian soil are invited to visit Seoul on September 12 this year to assess the situation and will be received by the Mayor himself. “Seoul is a young and progressive city always open to new trends, independent brands and street streets. And they want us there“. Kar Heinz said. “We are now in the best European cities for us, Barcelona and Berlín, and in Seould, Asia. There is a city missing to complete the Grand Slam and we are now looking for new directions. The American continent awaits us”, he added.


The decision to return to Barcelona is highly regarded by this city and by exhibitors who got accustomed to take to this city for its good weather. After the departure of this event this city hosted The Brandery for a couple of years in a move to stay in the game, a trade fair focused on local brands and brands from southern Europe. However, the fact that it was hosted more or less at the same time as Bread & Butter Berlin did not bring the best results, considering that some companies preferred to take to Berlin, a city now betting strongly on trade fairs in July, thus making it a preferred destination for exhibitors and buyers. The January edition will bring new life to the Monjuic area and 1000 square metres have been reserved already for B&B Barcelona which will take place at Fira Barcelona, Museu Nacional de Arte de Catalunya and Palau Nacional, the latter dedicated for selected brands.


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