Game of Wines


“Wines of Westeroos” is the name of a new wine brand inspired in “Game of Thrones” and in the drinking habits of Tyrion Lannister, one of the most influential characters in this TV series.

Have you ever considered the possibility of opening a bottle of wine inspired in your favourite House and repective characters every time you watch an intense episode of Game of Thrones? As of now you can do it thanks to an Australian advertising company based in Sydney, that defines itself as strategically curious and creatively rebellious and whose creative minds came up with the idea of launching wines inspired in the houses of the most successful television series of recent times. Common Ventures is the name of the company and “Wines of Westeroos” the name of this wine brand that is making already furore, particularly among fans of this series now in its fourth season and which is an adaptation of the novels “A Song of Fire and Ice” by George R.R.Martin.


“As we sat glued to the show we had no idea that the character’s drinking habits were subconsciously effecting our own”. When they refer to drinking habits they mean particularly Tyrion Lannister, the midget with a huge part in Game of Thrones and remarkably played by Peter Dinklage, whose life in Westeroos has had so far more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and who would become  the main influence for Common Ventures in creating ‘Wines of Westeros’. “Each bottle reflects the personality of each house”, the company stated, explaining how they came up with the idea of creating “reds associated with the houses that are head strong and robust” and whites that are more “cunning, perceptive and mysterious”. Each bottle will be sold for 20 Australian dollars and the company intends to have them ready to be shipped and available worldwide next Winter when the new season of Game of Thrones is aired in the northern hemisphere. “This however will be dependant of how long it takes our ships to cross the Narrow sea,” the company added win a humorous tone.

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