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In 1984 a number of musicians under guidance from Bob Geldorf recorded “Do they know it’s Christmas”, a song that was there to raise money to fight hunger in Africa, e.g. Ethiopia. In 2014, Africa, particularly West Africa, struggle with a disease called Ebola. This proved a good reason for Sir Bob Geldorf to reunite again group of prominent musicians to record a new version of this hit to fight a menace that now threatens even more people.

“Its Christmas 1984 and there are more starving people on this planet than ever before”, read the words pronounced by David Bowie in the long version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas”. Shocked by the images of men, women and children dying of starvation he had seen on TV, Bod Geldorf, better know at the time as the frontman of new wave band Boomtown Rats, decided to summon a group of the most prominent British singers of that time. Bono Vox, Bowie, Bananarama, Boy George and Midge Ure were some of the names of that all star band who recorded one of best Christmas pop anthems. In order to raise even more money than just from the sales of that hit single, Bod Geldorf organised in London and Philadelphia probably the biggest charity event ever, Live Aid. The message was there and so were the proceedings of that mass operation, turned food supplies which would later be sent in big lorries to Ethiopia.


In 2014, hunger crisis the poor nations still hit the news. But on top of that the world now has Ebola, a disease with a six letter name which is now strongly affecting half a dozen African countries and threatens to spread relentlessly to the rest of the world. The major source of concern is West Africa, where populations are dying by the thousands unable to get a cure for the disease and proper conditions to fight this problem. Now, like then, Bob Geldorf is gathering efforts and money to fight Ebola. Seal, Roger Taylor, Ed Sheeran, Sinnead O’Connor, Jessie Ware, Dan Smith and Karl Hyde are some of the names who record last Saturday in the same month and in the same studio the new version of “Do they know it’s Christmas”. Despite sharing the video here, we urge you to buy the single as every penny will go to fight this disease that, should its scale increase, will need dozens and dozens of Live Aids and far more efforts.

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