The subliminal sound of Sensible Soccers

They do not like to state where they’re from, but we suspect they are from north of Portugal. But that doesn’t matter. Listening to their sound, one could say they have engaged in serious binge drinking at the 4AD label or at WARP, as their sound resonates with the sounds from bands signing to these two British labels.
Listening to their track “Fernanda” it feels as if Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins had been invited to play along. They claim they are influenced by names such as Steve Reich and Frank Zappa. But we point to names such as Brian Eno/David Byrne or Jansen/Barbieri/Karn with pints of Beanfield, Seefeel, Lali Puna or even Future Sound of London as possible encounters, musicians who might have led to their own particular sound. But then again Trendenz could be entirely wrong and they probably do not even listen to such names. They ironically claim they only know Lali Puna, which we do not believe as their sound seems indeed to be rather informed and cultured. Trendenz today came across yet another masterpiece by Sensible Soccers, “Sofrendo por você”, a great danceable track by this groovy bunch of people “who play a very cute football with great affection”.

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