Amazing and out of the box

Have you ever considered wearing a wooden tie while sitting at your desk typing in a keyboard made of wood wearing wooden spectacles?  Amazingstore, an environmentally sustained store based in the Lisbon area delivers that and more.

wood clock

It’s 11.50 and the outside temperature is 23 degrees centigrade.  This is the information displayed on a wooden block on your desk. Time to get ready for lunch. But before that you need to make a few calls and charge your mobile phone. This magical box is here to help you. Plug your phone to it, dial the number on your phone, activate the speaker and make your calls while preparing yourself to go out. If you have some time left, grab this wooden box and press play to hear your favourite song your amazing TYM, a multipurpose alarm clock and one of the star products at Amazingstore.

wood heaphones

This small box is just one of the many examples of cleverly designed products made of wood and part of a huge range from speaker to mobile phone covers, headphones to watches, all made from bamboo and wood. One the major focus of this shop specialised in creative and innovative products is accessories, particularly watches, spectacles, ties, along with speakers, wallets or pen drives. Made of sustainable wood, some of the brands in Amazingstore’s catalogue go further in their environmental commitment by planting a tree for each wooden watch sold, as it is the case of WeWOOD, an Italian brand that has planted already 200.000 trees in the world since it opened in 2010. A further example of environmentally friendly policy is that of Grown e Proof who produce spectacles with wooden frames and that offer part of their profits to populations in need in India, Nepal, Guatemala, Egypt, among others. For more information on this store and the innovative products on offer, check or visit the store at Oeiras Parque and the new store at Lx Factory in Lisbon as of May 22 2015.

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