Marc Almond’s velvet song trail

  “The Velvet Trail” marks the return of Pop’s most passionate crooner. The man who created Soft Cell with Dave Ball is here to stay, is here to sing further songs of enchantment.

The man says hello waves goodbye but never actually makes it out of the stage. He just can’t. Born to be a fantastic star, Marc Almond’s career is a glorious one. His non-stop erotic music cabaret has taken us in a relentless journey through varieté-like tracks, champagne symphonies and has enchanted us throughout the years. Marks music legacy is a true treasure box of records we keep flicking through and when we least expected it another gem is added to this crock of golden songs.


“The Velvet Trail” is Marc Almond’s new addition to this golden vault. Scheduled for release on March 9 2015 this album was not supposed to exist. According to information by label Cherry Red, “Marc had previously hinted that his 2010 album Varieté would be his last recording to feature his own new material”. But thanks to a huge fan of the man, English producer and songwriter Chris Braide, Marc did change his mind and is now releasing a new 16-track album with new material. “Chris wanted to create his ultimate Marc Almond record, electric, lush, emotional, dark and sexy and I felt inspired by his tunes and production to deliver just that”, Marc Almond says on the new record. Nostalgic, ripe with memories, one could be tempted to think the man is releasing his final record. We thought so in the past but there he was throughout the eighties, nineties and noughties releasing songs. The man is not back, he has always been around singing songs, some more poignant than the others but always with his very personal passionate touch.


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