The dreamy and groovy designs of La Carola

carla carola
Design with attitude is the best definition for La Carola, a Spanish brand offering a whole range of accessories and designs for that unique look. The relationship of Trendenz and La Carola is a true love story ever since we came across this brand crafted by a very nice girl with a pretty groovy look and a great smile on a warm summer afternoon at “The Brandery”, a trade fair for fashion brands that used to take place in Barcelona. We left the city with their business card and these handbags retained our memory. Two months later to our surprise we came across this very same brand in the grounds of IFEMA in Madrid where Madrid Fashion Week usually takes place. Amidst a range of new designs and designers there she was, Carla Rogel, with the very same handbags in unusual shapes, reminding a Spanish fan. But it was not the shape alone that caught our eyes. It was the colours, the prints and the attitude that sprang out of these remarkable accessories. The sky is the limit as regards inspiration for Carla’s designs, be it the fabric of a sofa, a Japanese landscapes or or the colour or even the smell of a lotus flower.

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Handbags with a rounded bottom shape and cool fabrics are the brand’s star product. You can find them under different names and fabrics, made of silk and inspired in ancient China, in cool fabrics bought in New York. And should you wish an ever more personalised handbag just send Carla Rogel the fabric and you can thus get an even more unique model made just for you. In a country like Spain where wedding parties are taken seriously and where women love to party in full matrimonial attire, wedding purses had to be part of La Carola’s offer who came up with a range of immaculate designs and prints for such occasions. Computers and iPads deserve also to be protected by groovy designs hence the range of cases for these devices which you can fold and use for other purposes. Trendenz is also selecting a cool design and pretty soon, and in order to celebrate the entry of the brand in Portugal, which is schedule to occur pretty soon, our readers will be able to buy one of these cases designed exclusively for Trendenz.


But La Carola is not just bags, cases and purses. Scarves, patches and dresses have recently been added to the range of products on offer, bringing the creative universe of this brand to new heights. Long scarves with flower prints are some of the novelties of the brand. These 150 x 150 cm items can be worn as scarf, sarong, around the waist or as you please. Retro patches is also part of the new line of products. Just select a design a patch for your shirt, jacket or jeans. Skulls, birds, madonnas, geishas, flowers… are some of the designs available. Levi’s loved these patches so much that they even invited Carla Rogel to come up with patches to customize Levi’s jackets at Vouge Fashion Night Out last year in Spain. To complete your look La Carola has just come up with dresses with flower prints and groovy patterns for that vintage and unique look so you can make a difference with a simple accessory or in full attire, all by La Carola.

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