Go on holiday but don’t forget your brain


Take to your favourite holiday destination but do not forget your persona. Pack it with your cherished books and songs and clothes. Evil spirits await you and will do their best to turn you into a cabbage.

Summer holidays are here and halft the planet will take to the Sun. For many It’s time to disconnect the brain, the silly season, that concept invented by the newspapers as if the reader was stupid and thick in August. They tend to be, particularly when they are away. Sunsets, beach parties and local festivities bring out the tacky animal in you. Millions engage in binge activities like conquering the dancefloor at the sound of crappy house music or folklore, the hips blobbing to the rythm of tropical music, venturing in daring steps that do not suit their clumsy body language. In pirate shorts and plastic crocs the man becomes a homo horribilis, the wife in flip-flops and glitter a broad of sorts. We can be awful just for one day. There are no heroes in this story, just people who have lost it. If you do not wish to make a fool of yourself during summertime do not buy the story that while on holiday you just forget good taste. Boykott the DJ, steal their memory sticks with fluffy house tunes, kidnap the popular entertainer and storm the stage with your local indie band. Do not engage in this brainless collective fever, stand and fight for your rights as a decent holiday maker. Have a nice holiday.

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