Banderas on the verge of becoming a fashion designer


António Banderas, one of the most skilled and renowned Spanish actors has just stated his intention to start a career as fashion designer.

You are never too old to start a new career. There are numerous tales of people who decided to start anew in a new area, be it for personal or financial reasons. But if you have the looks, the right skills and a global popularity then the chances of success increase. That’s what Antonio Banderas might have thought when he decided to join the world of fashion. Now aged 55 this Spanish actor has just announced his intention to study fashion at London’s Central Saint Martins. Antonio Banderas Designs is the name of the company under which he has already launched a sunglasses collection in collaboration with Opticalia. The man seems willing to learn it all and to come up with his own range of outfits. After having played in a number of Almodovar films, a director who has worked with offbeat fashion designers in Spain and abroad one could expect a rather daring collection. But considering the fact that the man has been living in the States for many years now, chances are that we will go for preppy designs instead.  Let us hope the man pass the test so we can tell you the rest.

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