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Alexandra Moura | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Alexandra Moura

European, cosmopolitan, avant-garde, nationalist and trendy. These are the main traits of Portuguese fashion whose Autumn/Winter looks we saw at the 44th edition of Lisbon Fashion Week last March and that are now reaching the stores.

Aleksandar Protic | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Aleksandar Protic

After travelling the Lisbon 28 tram, eating the famous cream custards and having left your brain in a bottle of wine or vodka at the sound of fado or electro, it is now time to take a pill, cure the hangover and discover something more about the city and its people and artists. Fashion can provide a good insight.

Pedro Pedro | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Pedro Pedro

Look carefully ask around and visit some of the stores featuring the best garments by Portuguese designers for the coming cold season.

Ricardo Preto | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Ricardo Preto

Trendenz was at the Lisboa Fashion Week last March and gives you some of the best A/W looks which you will be able to find in these designer’s stores. We hope our suggestions opened the appetite to look for more of Portuguese design which you can find in a number of places scattered around central Lisbon.

David Catalán | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

David Catalán

For three days at Pateo da Galé, located right by the huge main square facing river, in a city increasingly fashionable and the preferred world destination for a short stay, the Lisbon catwalk was filled with trends from all over the world yet proud and sure at the same time of its national and historical and contemporary references.

Filipe Faísca | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Filipe Faísca

“Curiouser” was the leitmotiv of that edition an expression taken from Alice in Wonderland. Portuguese are indeed curious, eager to discover new places and cultures, something they assimilate pretty well, particularly in the case of fashion designers, something they combine with their increasingly valued national identity.

Dino Alves | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Dino Alves

For the colder season we chose eight looks by eight designers from Aleksander Protic to Filipe Faísca and Ricardo Preto with their designs for elegant women, Alexandra Moura and its proposals from urban and cosmopolitan women, young David Catalan and a trendy colours, Pedro Pedro and his cool effect and Dino Alves and Nuno Gama and their depiction of Portuguese identity in their designs.

Nuno Gama | Winter 2016 | ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Nuno Gama All photos in this post by Rui Vasco / Moda Lisboa

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