January 20 proclaimed David Bowie Day in New York

Ten days after his death the Mayor of New York proclaimed  January 20, 2016 David Bowie Day 

At the curtain call of the final performance of “Lazarus” in New York on the twentieth January, ten days after Bowie’s death, this city’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, designated January 20 2016 David Bowie Day in New York City. The proclamation was read at the end of the play produced for the New York Theater Workshop and which Bowie conceived and co-created. “Lazarus” is also the name of the track included in Blackstar, the album that reached Nº 1 in more than 20 countries and was considered by a fair deal of music magazines and newspapers as the best album of 2016.


This announcement came after a number of statements by some of New York’s most prominent personalities from former Mayor Bloomberg to the current Mayor Balsio and a number of New Yorkers. Bowie considered the possibility of moving  back to London where he was born but ended up staying in New York, the city where he could live a quite life to himself visiting art galleries, bookshops and jazz clubs like a normal New Yorker. It was in one this clubs that he found the musicians who would later play with him in his final work of art “Blackstar”.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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