Kraftwerk play eight consecutive gigs at Guggenheim Bilbao


A Kraftwerk album a day keeps the doctor away. If you wish to embark in a full electronic experience move to Bilbao these days where this German band will perform for eight consecutive nights at the Guggenheim.

The Spanish city of Bilbao saw its appeal increase massively after Guggenheim museum was built in this city. With its modern architecture designed by Frank Gehry it became a place to go to visit important exhibitions, such as the current one “Francis Bacon: From Picasso to Velázquez. But the main reason to take to this museum in the next eight days has not much to do with paintings but rather with soundscapes. As of tomorrow this city located in Spain’s most industrialized region welcomes the pioneers of industrial electronic music. Kraftwerk, the band formed in 1969 in Düsseldorf chose this museum for a true music marathon whereby they will play live each of their eight albums starting with “Autobahn” on the first night and ending with “Tour de France” on October 14. A true gem for the band aficionados and a good opportunity for younger generations to hear the full catalogue of a band that played a major role in modern music inspiring the likes of Bowie, Joy Division, New Order, Africa Bambaata and whole generations who would not play the way they do if these four robots with human flesh, red shirts and black ties hadn’t launched the seeds for electronic music to grow as it did.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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