Sónar and Bowie Is – the perfect Christmas gift


Should you buy these days a ticket for the upcoming Sónar festival in June you will receive an entrance for the “Bowie Is” exhibition in Barcelona.

Sónar is undoubtedly one of the best electronic music festivals in the world and a good reason to take to Barcelona every year in mid-June. Tickets for the coming 2017 edition are already on sale and come with an added bonus for a limited period: a full Sónar ticket and a free entrance to the Exhibition “Bowie Is” starting in Barcelona on May 25. The association between this festival and the exhibition makes perfect sense, considering the pioneering role of David Bowie in music and the arts and the equally pioneering role of Sónar as one of leading events of advanced music and arts. Like Sónar, “Bowie Is” offers also a major sensorial experience, a true journey through Bowie sound and vision. Justice, Moderat, Nicolas Jaar and De La Soul are among the 22 artists already confirmed for the Sónar 2017 edition. The importance of Bowie for modern music is undeniable along with his pioneering role in electronic and avant-garde music, from “Low” and “Heroes” to his final work “Blackstar” and events around Bowie will probably sprout in and around the Barcelona Design Museum, located near L’Auditori, where some Sónar events usually take place (e.g. the concert by Riuchy Sakamonto and Alva Noto at this audiorium during Sónar 2006) and in and around Sónar Day and Sónar Night. Please refer to this post as we will bring you updates on this perfect combination between Bowie and Sónar as we receive them.

Carlos Tomé Sousa


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