Top Tracks of 2016

Trendenz gives you the top tracks of the year, ten songs we played relentlessly in 2016.

2016 was probably one of the saddest years on record as regards music, from the disturbing farewell record of David Bowie who seems to have started the trend of singing goodbye, a trend witnessed also with Leonard Cohen who sang goodbye in his own way or Nick Cave who released a record with a bunch of sad songs after his son passed away. Trendenz playlist of the 10 best songs in 2016 reflects this. But there is also room for hope, you just need to hold on as better days will come in 2017. Happy New Year!!

1 – David Bowie  – I can’t give everything away

2 – XX – On Hold

3 Divine Comedy – The pact

4 – Nick Cave – Skeleton Tree

5 – Lambchop – The Hustle

6 – Leonard Cohen – You want it darker

7 – Swansea + Gary Numan – Dusky

8 – Bryan Ferry + Idjut Boys – Midnight train

9 – Pumarosa – Priestess

10 – ABC – Viva Love

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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