Bye Bye England

The country that became the centre of pop culture is losing popularity thanks to the work of populists

Teresa May, the posh lady ruling Britannia these days, has just announced that the UK will start the procedures regarding the country’s exit from the European Union on March 29. What might come as a shock may actually come up for many as some relief. The UK has always been a grumpy mother-in-law, complaining about the food and disapproving the grandchildren’s company of strangers. Accustomed to rule a huge empire and to dictate the rules the country was never really a full part of the EU, detaching itself as much as it could from this union of European peoples. By now many foreigners have made their excuses and left and many more will follow, while many UK citizens are applying for EU citizenship. The country that once claimed to be the centre of the world is losing its appeal. One should not fight hatred with hatred but in the air remains a sense of doubt as to what will become of a country we grew to love for many reasons and as to how Europeans, and the rest of the world for the sake of it, will look at England from now on. Some of the flaws somehow tolerated in the English will now come up as precisely that, flaws. It’s inevitable. The country that became a centre of pop culture is losing popularity thanks to the work of populists. Such irony!

Carlos Tomé Sousa       


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