Portugal in Briefs – Moral Grounds

By now you have heard of Portugal or you are living or holidaying here. Despite the number of foreigners these people insist on speaking their own language which makes it harder for you to understand what is going on. But we are here to help and we will do our best to provide a regular insight on what’s hot in the country at the moment.

July – Moral grounds

One of the hottest debates in the social media these days in Portugal revolves around the statements by a reputable doctor who claimed in an interview homosexuality is an anomaly and Cristiano Ronaldo a moral villain for having resorted to surrogacy to have three kids. Abortion is also an issue the man is strongly against. You probably won’t hear people talking about it much in the bus but if you take a look at the comment boxes in the online world you will see two clear sides of the divide. It is not easy to be a Portuguese these days, particularly when you grow older. Despite the best efforts to keep some order in the country the place is a mess. Where once there were households respecting the moral values of ore and the sanctity of family there are now men living with men, women kissing women, girls shagging like mad and making abortions and personalities having babies made in pairs. And it is not easy to be a catholic either. After centuries standing up for some standards now even the Pope claims people shall love who they want and thinks divorce is not that bad. As for the abortion at least there seems to be common ground between the hardcore catholics and the laidback Pope. It is not easy for a country to see such abrupt changes. Should men marry men, women make abortions and athletes order babies abroad then the native population might reduce dramatically (which in the case of homosexuality could be a good solution for the world’s overpopulation according to a witty text by Brazilian Porta dos Fundos’ comedian Gregório Duvivier). Now you know what is afflicting the man and heating the debate.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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