The return of Levi’s cult brand SilverTab

SilverTab, one of the most cherished subrands launched by Levi’s in 1988 is making a comeback this year.

Levi’s is here with an extensive collection with a strong street style inspiration. Everything goes as long as you feel comfortable. The new autumn collection mixes high fashion and streetwear and the 1980’s with the 2000’s just to mention a few of the leitmotifs of the new Levi’s® Red Tab collection.

But the brand has something new coming and when we refer to streetwear the word counterculture comes with it. The big news this year is the return of SilverTab™ which the brand claims will be bigger than ever. Introduced in 1988 Silver Tab collection was a sub-brand that was there to attract the Hip Hop, raver and grunge generation. Until recently they were unfortunately only available in the USA and in selected vintage stores. At a time when phones are becoming increasingly bigger and hence the need for bigger pockets, skaters grow in numbers and rave has made a comeback these super loose jeans are here for the killing and appeal to a whole new generation and to an older generation who still cherish these baggy models. Along with baggy models SilverTabs features also some regular less baggy models and assorted apparel from jacket to shirts. Welcome back Silvertab.

Carlos Tomé Sousa




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