The David Bowie App

On the day of his birthday David Bowie’s legacy reaches smartphones worldwide via a new app, an official augmented reality adaptation of the legendary exhibition David Bowie Is.

David Bowie is more alive than ever through the thousands of tributes to the man who would be 72 today and died at the beginning of 2016 thus making the second week of January inevitably the Bowie Week. Two years ago, he gave us a strange present on the day of his birthday, a true rise and fall of David Bowie in one go as he would leave us two days after the release of his gospel named “Blackstar”. Books, magazines, radio and TV shows all focused on the life of the most important pop icon of all times along with an exhibition which started at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London while he was still alive and took to cities like São Paulo, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris or New York. With the help of headphones that would play songs corresponding to different periods as you approached the relevant section of the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to dive deep in Bowie’s universe, admiring some of the costumes he wore on stage, lyrics, notes and assorted pictures. Trendenz saw this very same exhibition in Berlin, where a further section was added focusing on the Bowie’s Berlin years and where he recorded some of his most important albums, and words can hardly describe the mix of sensations and emotions as we went through the different rooms.

Brooklyn was the last leg of this exhibition and for those who missed the opportunity The David Bowie Archive, Sony Entertainment (Japan) and Planeta released an App availabe as of today on IOS and Android platforms. This app features over 400 high resolution captures of David Bowie’s costumes, sketches, handwritten lyrics, notes, and more in striking immersive settings introduced and narrated by David Bowie’s close friend Gary Oldman. Nothing compares the sensation of being in a room surrounded by everything Bowie, but considering that this exhibition seems to have stopped in Brooklyn, and while no decision is made to extend it to other places and museums, you may now explore the full exhibit in the intimacy of your own environment in a stunning augmented reality app and take Bowie everywhere on our smartphone.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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