The affectionate punch

And the working classes rejoicing at the wonders of Portugal. What a lovely country of crispy custards and warm nights where everything is so affordable and people speak our language. 
And Mireille feeling so happy for the Portuguese lady she met back then in France who made it in life, she moved back from cleaning toilets to cleaning the toilet of her own house she now rents to tourists, the sheets always impeccable, and her daughter a fine nurse in Cornwall 
And Nancy aghast at the sight of the hordes who now flock to the beaches that were there not for the many but for the few who could afford the luxuries and enjoy the vagaries of time among kings and royals, noblemen and spies. 
And the world rejoicing at royal estate margins, what a bargain, glazed tiles and derelict palaces waiting for the gentry’s helping hand and the economy and the country so nice and thankful for the moneys. 
And the people, the locals so happy celebrating at the sound of amusing tunes and sardines and street parties, oh it’s all so lovely, let’s move in, so affordable, so adorable.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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