The beginning of a great adventure

300 people attended the opening of Eleven Arts’ first exhibition at Coletivo 284 in Lisbon, an exhibition displaying more than 80 works by 11 artists and a special guest.

This was the first of several initiatives curated by Mónica Reis under the name Eleven Arts and which are to be replicated nationally and abroad. The quality of the works exhibited by artists from three countries was celebrated by a cosmopolitan crowd and in light of the strong attendance, feel-good feeling during the opening and the number of visitors during this three-day exhibition Eleven Arts is on the right path.

This first edition featured works by Ângelo de Castro who uses canvas to represent and paint major architectural works; Áurea Regina-Zaibon with its new concept of preserving plants; Gilvan Nunes whose canvases refer to the experimentation he engages in using different supports and an materials. Ivan Pinheiro created new paintings for this exhibition under the seven deadly sins motto. João Bruno Videira showed his works using fine wool as a guiding thread, promoting the match between technique and traditional materials and design and art. João Reino presented seven graphite drawings also focused on the seven deadly sins. Lívia Nacache presented her “repujados”, oil paintings with elaborate coatings. Luis Espírito Santo developed plastic interventions on guitars. Natalia Pitta presented jewellery pieces full of texture and movement and using assorted materials. Ricardo Abrahão used photography to represent his family refuge where he moved in during the pandemic. Wanderson Alves showed his visual narratives in photography in order to stimulate public reflection.

The special guest of this first edition was Mathias Contzen, a German living in Portugal and who showed his sculptural work in marble he works with “the objective of trying to transform consciousness into matter” and whose pieces are truly therapeutic.

Curated by Mónica Reis, this event marks the launch of several initiatives and a new brand with a view to taking this concept to other parts of the country and abroad, as contained in the name Eleven Arts International: “Our aim is to take this concept to other parts of the country and the world, thus showcasing the work of great artists”.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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