The fabulous La Carola vintage purses

La Carola is the name of a purse brand created by two Madrid girls whose mission is to turn handbags in a remarkable accessory either in you daily routines or for a party as they state in their site

All the brand’s purses have a rounded bottom shape in common. But this is the only thing theu share in common, given that, as regards fabrics, imagination is the limit. Made of fabrics bought and found nearly everywhere, these purses have a vintage look and are all handmade, thus staying true to an increasing appealing trend, particularly in the Spanish capital where this idea was born.

The best place to find these items is the aforementioned brand’s site. But there are also to be found at stores such as Lost People in Madrid or at Complementa in Barcelona. After the first edition of “The Brandery” in Barcelona, where we saw this brand for the first time, the  organisation of Pasarela Cibeles – Madrid Fashion Week acknowledged the two girl’s talent and we were then please to see them available for all the fashionistas present at the Setember 2010 edition.

Should you wish other kinds of fabrics and should you wish to turn the fabric of that lovely old grandmother’s sofa in a beautiful bag, we are glad to inform you that you can do so by contacting the brand and have a customised purse made.

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